Monday, May 18, 2009

The Children of God in War

When I left Liberia in August of 1990 some of my friend's children were upcountry in Bong County, unable to get back to Monrovia, unable to get out of Liberia.

I know that they faced severe hardships and it would encourage them to tell those stories to people who will listen quietly and not judge, to people who will offer them support. My children were fortunate that I was with them and able to, through the help of others, get them out of Liberia when I was guided by Spirit. It is really hard to stay and survive in a war when you don't have a side. All I wanted was for Liberians to make peace with one another so that it could go back to being Sweet Liberia. I wonder if anyone else wants to comment on Liberia during the war or on any other aspect of Liberia. From time to time I'm going to throw up a topic and hopefully get a response. If you know someone that was in Liberia and an Hebrew between the years of 1980 and 1991 please send them this blog address and ask them to contribute.